Changing Attitudes To Health

An up to date, medium-sized business such as Queisser Pharma must change with the times. It is shaped by a constantly moving market and in its turn it shapes the market with its activities. Jan K. Kuskowski, Managing Director of Queisser Pharma, commenting on this situation says, "We see how the market is moving and we move just as fast." The market surrounding Queisser Pharma is dynamic and is subject to huge changes especially at the moment.

Demographic development of the population structure in all countries throughout the world will lead to big social and economic changes. Never before on earth so many people have become so old whilst remaining so youthful, healthy and actively involved in society. The proportion of over 60 year olds to every 100 people between the age of 20 to 60 will almost double by the year 2030. By 2050, 78 out of a 100 people will be over 60 years old.*

Life expectancy is increasing from generation to generation. Today sixty year olds can already look forward to living another 20 years. As we increase in age, our attitude to ourselves and our health begins to change. Prevention and personal responsibility are the two key terms here. It is desirable to give our body everything it needs early on if we want to achieve such a healthy and active old age. Nowadays people know that they cannot leave their health entirely to doctors. They have to act on their own behalf. "Queisser products are signposts towards a new lifestyle encompassing greater health and increased personal responsibility," confirms Gert Bendixen, Managing Director of Queisser Pharma.

*Source: The Methuselah Conspiracy, Frank Schirrmacher, Blessing-Verlag and the Federal Office for Statistics

Todays well- informed consumers

Today's well-informed consumer is characterised by something else: the majority know that high quality costs money. It is inadvisable to play around with one's health by buying the cheapest products. The consumer knows the levels of active ingredients that are needed, he compares them with other products and he knows the value of what he is buying when he pays for high-quality health products.

Confirming statistical market research knowledge with experience gained during his professional activities, Bernd W. Hildebrandt, Sales Director of Queisser Pharma, says, "People are realising afresh and all over the world that the most expensive thing in life can be a long illness. Now more than ever they are prepared to pay out good money to maintain their health."