He Who Knows His Goal Will Also Achieve It.

This clever basic rule of commercial strategy is the target-oriented motto of all business activities. Managing Director Jan K. Kuskowski formulates Queisser's goal quite clearly, "With Doppelherz we are on route to becoming one of Germany's biggest health brands."

Alongside demographic change there are halting cost-savings in the health sector, rising private contributions to health insurance and the associated drop in the provision of general medical care even in our erstwhile economic wonderland. Taking responsibility for one's own health is more than just a trend and extends far beyond the need for personal well-being. In this social backdrop, over-the-counter medicines and food supplements from Doppelherz occupy a prominent position.

Preventive healthcare and self-medication

With competence and extreme care Queisser Pharma supports consumers at every step towards increased autonomy in matters of preventive healthcare and self-medication. At the same time we are always aware of our huge responsibility which extends far beyond the German Pharmaceuticals Law.

We see our social and legislative environment as a solid framework which is both an operative guideline and equally a creative challenge with the clear goal of which is to satisfy our customers' requirements to the best of our ability both now and in the future. "We want our growth be steady and manageable at all times and are working on a daily basis to ensure that our products continue to remain life-stage companions for the health of our customers," says Managing Director Gert Bendixen.

Rooted in the north of Germany

There is no question here of toying with the idea of following the example of other German companies and relocating our corporate headquarters abroad. Queisser Pharma will continue to remain firmly rooted in the north of Germany.

Our foreign business colleagues love coming to visit us on the Flensburg fjord and enjoy the cordial, friendly atmosphere of our down-to-earth, medium-sized company. Time and again we are proud that we do not radiate the cold impersonality of a large pharmaceutical company.