Queisser Pharma stands for a variety of familiar brands. Besides Doppelherz, the product portfolio also includes Protefix range of denture adhesives, laxatives marketed under the Ramend trademark, Stozzon against bad breath and body odour, and the dietary supplement Litozin. Thanks to their consistently high quality and the interesting range of products on offer, these brands have become household names in the healthcare market, winning the confidence of customers everywhere.

Doppelherz LogoDoppelherz

Doppelherz is far and away the best-known brand made by our company, and for more than 80 years now many customers have been placing their trust in the time-proven slogan “Kraft der zwei Herzen”, the power of two hearts.

The Doppelherz brand looks back on a long tradition and is synonymnous with the “power of two hearts”. In addition, Doppelherz also provides a multitude of best-grade vitamins, minerals, and special nutrients to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Protefix LogoProtefix

Protefix, the brand with over 50 years of experience, offers the optimal solution to problems suffered by people who wear dentures. The range of products coming from the Protefix Research department comprises Protefix Active cleanser, four different adhesive creams for dentures and Protefix Adhesive Powder, unique adhesive cushion pads, and also a special patented wound and protective gel for ulcers and inflammations of the oral mucosa.

Stozzon LogoStozzon

Chlorophyll dragees against bad breath and body odour. The special active ingredient made from leaf green has an internal effect and can prevent unpleasant odours from forming in the first place. As the only officially approved medicinal product for fighting bad breath and body odour, Chlorophyll dragees made by Queisser Pharma occupy a unique position in the market.

Ramend LogoRamend

The brand for a relaxed gastrointestinal system, containing natural ingredients such as senna leaves and pods to ensure a good digestion. “Naturally laxative” has been the unique selling proposition for the Ramend brand for many decades now. This pharmacy-only range contains the active ingredients of senna leaves to stimulate digestion and intestinal activity and forms the core of this brand.

Litozin LogoLitozin

The Litozin brand is the youngest member of the Queisser product concert, and includes pharmacy-exclusive dietary supplements to enhance joint mobility.